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PVC Cling Film

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The hectic pace of our modern lifestyle welcomes products that rate high on convenience and ease of usage. Health, hygiene, cleanliness and freshness are parameters that cannot be comporomised at any cost. Everyday we fight pollution and harmful germs in our endeavour to maintain a healthy and energitic life. As our primary source of nourishment vegetables, fruits and cooked food items need to be consumed in their most edible state. Wrap All suits the needs of today and protechs your food to maintain all the nourishment.

Pragya Flexifilm Industries manufacturers PVC Cling Film under the brand Wrap All. The production equipment has been completely imported and the product adheres to the highest standards of food grade quality. Wrap All is available in wide range suited for hospital, commercial, home and industrial applications.

Wrap All is well suited for all food items and industrial applications. The really transparent look and smooth feel of the film makes it almost invisible. This helps in maintaining the authentic look and texture of the food that is being covered. Wrap All is compatible in high and low temperatures. Hence it can be used to store food in refrigerators and heat food in microwave oven without changing food content and quality. For home usage like storage to commercial usage in hotels, hospitals, canteens, cafeterias, airlines etc. Wrap All is an ideal wrapping option.


  • Wrap All keeps food, fruits and vegetables fresh & clean
  • Wrap All had Excellent transparency which improves aesthetics of the product.
  • Wrap All is flexible and just right to wrap around any shape and size of plates.
  • Food grade material
  • Excellent Stretch ratio.
  • No Migration and hence does not attract dust nor deposition of the same
  • Excellent weatherability


Thickness: 10 - 12 Microns
Width: 50 mm to 450 mm
Length: 30, 70, 100 and 600 mtrs. and customized

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