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Silage Bale Wrap Film


Agriculture play very important role in Global economy, at present some 11 percent of the globe's land surface is used for agriculture. When it comes to farming, it includes many processes like sowing, adding manure, harvesting etc.
The Silage best wrapping is also one of the procedure in farm, which helps farmers to store and wrap compacted and inoculated grass in polypropylene sheets. Properly wrapped silage and round bales are the best prerequisite for good forage. For perfect storage it require good wrap film which insure the even big heavy bales of silage have optimum protection against rapidly changing climate extremes like heavy rain, drought, storms and bad weather.

We Pragya Flexifilm Industries, like to introduce our new product Silage Bale Wrap Film. Our experts started manufacturing wrap film to help farmers, contractors, machine manufacturer, and research institute to choose best option for them.
Our team carefully choose raw material to make best end product which could resolve maximum issues and complaints from user.

Benefits of using our Film:

  • Our film keep out the air and preserve the silage, which is one of the primary benefits to wrapping the silage.
  • Our Film reflect the heat, so you’re inside product do not get too hot and because of this it keep nutrient value as it is.
  • It has best wrapper permeability, which keep product dry and safe, which automatically increase lifespan of product.
  • High load retention to keep bale shape during transport and storage.
  • Because of reduce adhesion the end of the film do not stick to the bales.

    Why Pragya Flexifilm Industries:

  • 1. Pragya Flexifilm Industries always happy to help you to choose perfect silage bale wrap film for you.
  • 2. We have many other products to suit your packaging needs, big or small with automization option.

If you have any question or query our expert team is always there to help you to make your business better and smooth.


Thickness: 10 - 12 Microns
Width: 50 mm to 450 mm
Length: 30, 70, 100 and 600 mtrs. and customized

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